3.8.0 Blight League Revealed!


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The 3.8.0 expansion has been announced, and we will be seeing a new tower defence mechanic in the Blight League! You will be working with Sister Cassia to stop blights from corrupting Wraeclast and the maps further. Outside the league, we will be getting access to Legion content in core, more choice in managing our masters, and Synthesis boss fights! Several ascendancies and playstyles will be getting some buffs, and plenty of unique items will be getting added to the game!

In every zone there will be a Blight, and when interacted with, it will spawn towers and paths for enemies to travel along. Use the towers to slow your enemies, and kill them before they reach the end of their paths, and you will reap powerful rewards. A new selection of enchantments have been added, with amulets adding passive tree notables, while rings can offer powerful buffs to your towers. Thanks to the enchantment rework, these will not override existing implicits, and powerful notables can provide a lot of damage or survivability to a build.


In maps, you will be able to find Blighted maps, which are fully infested with Blights, replacing every native mob in the map with massive Blights, with dozens of lanes, and potent rewards. These will likely provide a difficult challenge, and you can expect to see new tactics popping up over the first several weeks of the league.

Alongside the addition of the Blight league, Legion and Synthesis will be getting added to the core game! Legion will be added as a 10% chance to find in maps, as well as via sextant mods, scarabs and splinters from Vagan in the Immortal Syndicate, and new Delve and Incursion encounters. Synthesis is being added in the form of boss fights, though we currently do not know how exactly they will be encountered. This likely means the addition of the Synthesis uniques back into the game, so look forward to making use of these in 3.8.0!

Synthesis Boss

Master missions will now accumulate as you go, meaning that you will be able to engage with the content much more at your choice, on the maps that you want to play them on, a welcome change for many.

As for ascendancies, reworks have been announced for Necromancer, Saboteur, and Assassin, as well as numerical buffs to the Raider.

Necromancer’s rework includes the new Carrion Golem, a new wand base with minion mods, support gems to change minion AI, and a new bar of skill slots, which is exciting for everyone!

Carrion Golem

Saboteur’s changes will include a rework of mines, new and reworked mine skills, and the brand new (and surprisingly cute) Skitterbots, that will buff your mines and traps.


The Assassin rework is to bring the old poison Assassin builds back to the meta, with changes to Perfect Agony, a new mechanic in Elusive on the Assassin’s tree, six new active skills, including Cobra Lash and Withering Step, and a new poison themed support gem.

Cobra Lash

And of course, a new league means new supporter packs, so look to those if you want to look nice for the new league!

And be sure to keep an eye on the Official Blight announcement page to get updates as they come, as well as here, where we will be keeping things up to date as news comes!

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