Legion League Ascendancy Statistics Released


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As is tradition towards the end of the league, we have more information on what Ascendancies people have been picking this league. Surprising nobody, Slayers are the king of the meta this league, topping the charts for every league, at every level. The popularity of Cyclone, combined with the ascendancy being buffed to perfectly suit it, Slayer has been the go-to for players looking to do practically any content this league.

Tricksters are not far behind though, making up 15% of the level 90+ characters in Legion softcore, and 20% of the level 90+ players on hardcore Legion, which is only .03% behind Slayers. Their durability and versatility has done a great job of keeping them relevant. Following them on softcore are Berserkers and Deadeyes, who’s speed keeps them up to pace with the others, while Juggernauts, Gladiators, and Champions are making great use of their survivability to keep players alive into high levels. Most other Ascendancies are sitting around 2-4% of the level 90+ playerbase this league, meaning that outside the top dogs, the meta is wide open for players to do just about whatever they want.

Dragging their feet a bit, Guardians are making up only .915% of players on softcore Legion (though a much more respectable 4.35% on hardcore) while Raiders only make up .755% of the hardcore 90+ playerbase. Neither of these choices are bad, but Guardians are an almost purely defensive ascendancy, while Raiders have been neglected when it comes to buffs and reworks the past several leagues, leaving them unpopular on both leagues.

Remember, the 3.8.0 announcement will be dropping at 2PM PDT, or 10PM CET. All the news about it will be gathered here, so keep an eye out!

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