New Summoner Gems coming in 3.8.0 revealed!


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In addition to the Carrion golem we have already heard about, today the additional new summoner gems have been revealed! Feeding Frenzy, Meat Shield, and Death Mark all change the AI of supported minions, while Infernal Legion enables an entirely new playstyle!

Carrion Golem will have a buff that grants added physical damage to all non-golem minions, while getting a sizeable boost in damage from those same non-golem minions. It looks to have large area of effect and a Leap Slam style attack, making it a potentially great option for any minion build, or one focusing on Carrion Golems themselves.

Feeding Frenzy makes your minions aggressive, seeking out new enemies to kill well past their normal aggro radius. Hits from minions with this support can provide you with a buff, boosting the speed of all your minions.

Meat Shield will keep your minions near you, attacking enemies coming after you, and grants them taunt on hit and improved defences. This will keep you alive and well if you are running Zombies or durable, defensive Specters.

Death Mark is a support gem that actually grants a new skill, and you can cast the Death Mark to cause any enemies supported by it to attack the enemy you want, ignoring their normal AI. It also provides boosted damage, and this fine control over minions will be welcome for many summoner lovers.

Finally, Infernal Legion lights your minions on fire, giving them a Righteous Fire style effect, burning themselves and their enemies to death. Look forward to summoning minions for their explosions from Minion Instability, or extremely high damage Specter and Zombie burns.

More information on the summoner changes will be coming soon, and if you want to check out how the new supports work in practice, the video below is a brief look at all of them!

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