New Mine Skills Revealed for 3.8.0


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In 3.8.0, mines are getting a huge overhaul, changing in mechanics and playstyle enormously. They will be thrown out like traps, though still detonated like they are currently, and will be reserving mana and providing small auras while deployed. Detonation is always instant, mines are deployed in a base time of .25 seconds, can be detonated sooner, even detonating in the air. The base limit to number of mines is now 15, up from 5, and they have a base duration of 5 seconds. On top of all this, mines will now detonate in sequence, firing off over time rather than all at once.

Several new mine skills are being added, two of which are replacing the existing Freeze and Fire Nova Mine skills. Icicle Mine, available from level 12, will replace Freeze Mine, and fires a nova of icicles, with an aura that increases enemy chance to be critically hit. The more mines in a sequence detonated, the more projectiles will be fired!

Replacing Fire Nova Mine, Pyroclast Mine becomes available at level 28, and fires off a salvo of explosions, with more mines placed making for more explosions in a cascade. Its aura provides additional flat fire damage against nearby enemies, stacking to potentially huge amounts at high levels with lots of mines down.

Stormblast Mine can be picked up at level 1, and fire off a large electric nova, with a high shock chance and effectiveness bonus. The skill also provides an aura that increases damage taken by enemies by 3% per mine, stacking up to 45% with 15 mines, and more with any sources of extra maximum mines.

Summon Skitterbots, previewed briefly on the Blight page, is a mana reserving skill that provides two little robots, one with a chilling and one with a shocking aura. While they are active, they will provide a boost to trap and mine damage, and detonate them for you before resetting them. They are immune to damage, so there will be no need to be concerned about keeping them alive.

The Remote Mine Support is being replaced with Blastchain Mine, which offers a lower damage bonus due to faster mine laying time, and a 5% more multiplier per mine detonated in a sequence.

High Impact Mine Support is being added as a level 31 support, which offers lower damage than Blastchain Mine, but an aura that gives a chance for nearby enemies to take double damage from hits.

Swift Assembly Support is a new support for both traps and mines that offers a chance to throw several mines in a single skill use, with a smaller chance for two or three extra than for one. This support becomes available at level 4, and will likely be more useful on mines than traps.

Minefield Support will still set four mines, but will be increasing the amount of time it takes to place the mines, providing more of a tradeoff than it used to.

Charged Mines Support functions much like Charged Traps, providing a chance to gain power and frenzy charges, and additional benefits to your mines based on your number of charges.

A few other skills and items have been changed as well. Smoke Mine will not detonate in sequence, increases to mine duration will apply to the speed buff, and the speed buff is actually being increased compared to current values. Curtain Call and Tremor Rod, the two dedicated mine items, are being changed, though we do not yet know how. And unfortunately, we will no longer be able to roll +1 mines placed on shaper helms, as the changes make this a much more powerful buff than it currently is. Existing rolls will still be there for you to play around with on standard, though, if you want a taste of this forbidden power.

Overall, mines are being changed much more than poison and summoner builds are, and will definitely take some getting used to. They look like they will still be single target powerhouse skills, though, so not everything is changed! If you want to get a look at all the new stuff, check it out below!

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