WoW Classic Leveling Guides from Icy Veins


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Hello everyone!

As you might know, PoE Vault is a sister site to Icy Veins and we sometimes take the opportunity to mention our Icy Veins content on PoE Vault. Today is such a day :)

WoW Classic is finally here, and it’s time to experience the original version of the game exactly as it launched fifteen years ago.

To return to the lost era of Azeroth, all you need is a account and an active subscription.

Nine classes are available for play in WoW Classic. The maximum level cap is 60. Leveling is a lot harder than on live, and most classes will struggle when pulling more than one mob at a time. Talent trees are more complex, and you may find yourself overwhelmed by how the game worked back then.

Over at Icy Veins, we have released new leveling guides for each class which can be found in the Classic Guide section of the site to help you with your every day leveling needs:

If you still don’t know which class to play, we recommend checking out this post for more details about how well each class performs in various environments, how fast you’ll be able to gain levels, and more.

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