Necromancer Ascendancy Early Look is Here!


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The Necromancer’s Ascendancy rework has been revealed, and it is a pretty serious overhaul. Gone are the skill-specific nodes that have been near-required on skeleton, zombie, and spectre builds, and in their place are new, more generally powerful nodes.

Necromancer Ascendancy

The only major node with no changes is Commander of Darkness. It is keeping its aura-centric bonuses, and will still be a great option for support builds, as well as more traditional summoners.

Mistress of Sacrifice underwent some small changes, gaining 75%, rather than 50%, effect of offerings on you, and more duration for your skills and minions. It is losing the 2% attack and cast speed per corpse consumed recently, but the offering bonus is more than enough to make up for that in most circumstances. We may also see the return of Bone Offering based defensive Necromancer builds, thanks to that higher effectiveness.

Outside of those two nodes, everything else is brand new!

Plaguebringer and Corpse Pact can make for a powerful corpse-centered build, such as Volatile Dead or Cremation, or simply offer incentives to have corpses around besides detonating them for offerings.

Essence Glutton offers powerful defensive bonuses to Mind over Matter and energy shield based Necromancers, providing large amounts of flat and percentage based regeneration to your mana and energy shield.

Mindless Aggression offers unexciting but welcome generic bonuses to your minions in the form of both speed and damage.

Unnatural Strength grants two additional levels to any minion gems you have socketed in your gear, a very potent bonus. Keep in mind that this benefits not just your minions themselves, but supports and offering skills as well!

Finally, Bone Barrier brings a welcome name from the days of Diablo 2, Bone Armour! This has been confirmed to be a guard skill like Steelskin, but will apply to you minions as well as yourself. On top of this, it grants some hefty defensive bonuses, based on your number of minions.

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