Saboteur and Raider Early Looks are Here!


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Joining the Necromancer from yesterday, the Saboteur and Raider have both been revealed today! Saboteur has seen some significant changes, but Raider is much smaller, and mostly numerically changed.

Saboteur Rework

Perfect Crime, Born in Shadows, and Chain Reaction are all unchanged, which is unsurprising, as traps are unchanged this league, and Born in Shadows was already a great defensive node.

Pyromaniac has been noticeably nerfed, with lower mana cost reduction, and the regeneration cap has been cut in half. It will still be a powerful defensive node, but it will no longer make up the entirety of a build’s defenses on its own.

Explosive Expert no longer grants reduced damage taken from traps or mines, and instead grants reduced area damage taken, a much more useful defense. The bonuses based on ailments are a great boon to builds dealing multiple elements of damage, a common situation for trappers and miners.

Bomb Specialist has less area per mine, but mines are now much quicker to deploy and have a higher cap, so this will likely even out. It also gained 20% mine detonation speed, likely a boost to how fast mines detonate in sequence.

Demolitions Specialist was totally reworked, with 100% increased mine aura effect, and hindering enemies near your mines when they are placed.

Raider Rework

Raider is a simpler rework, with some small changes to numbers, and onslaught effect in place of duration. An additional frenzy charge was moved to Way of the Poacher, making 2 point nodes more reasonable to take.

Avatar of the Veil was changed to apply elemental exposure to nearby enemies while you have phasing, reducing their elemental resistances by 15%. This is a sizeable boost to damage, and overall, Raider is looking to be in a bit better of a position than it was in 3.7.

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