Assassin Ascendancy and Gems Revealed!


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With an exciting double feature, we have gotten the reveal of the remaining two poison gems, and the full, reworked Assassin ascendancy.

The first of the new skills is Venom Gyre, which functions much like Spectral Throw, tossing out a copy of your weapon. It will impact with enemies and return, and if it returns to your location, it will attach to you, to be fired off again when you use Whirling Blades.

Plague Bearer will store up a portion of the poison damage you would deal, reducing your damage during its duration, and storing within itself. In exchange, it can be released, dealing the stored damage in an area around you, with 12% of the stored damage dealt per second.

You can see these new skills in action in the video down below.

The Assassin, much like the Necromancer and Saboteur earlier this week, has undergone some serious changes. It is gaining some new defenses, as well as making its offenses more consistent overall, a welcome change to anybody putting together a critical build!


Mistwalker is a defensive powerhouse, offering two very welcome sources of damage reduction and a good chunk of damage thanks to the Elusive buff.

The extra power charge from Deadly Infusion was moved to Unstable Infusion, and in exchange, Deadly Infusion gained some bonus movement speed.

Opportunistic has been noticeably changed, with some extra damage against solo single targets, from an increased mod to a more multiplier, and defenses when facing multiple rare or unique enemies.

Ambush and Assassinate has simply been buffed in terms of damage, with 20% more damage against targets on low life, rather than 30% increased.

Noxious Strike and Toxic Delivery have been a bit mixed up in terms of their bonuses, and have some nice boosts to their abilities, such as a higher crit bonus, and a 25% more poison damage multiplier.

Overall, it is looking like a good league to be an Assassin in 3.8.0!

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