Development Balance Manifesto, and Private League Registration


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The development balance manifesto for 3.8.0 is live, and it is a big one. We are seeing balance changes to gem levels, damage over time, mana for spellcasters, the passive tree, and much more! Additionally, as of today, you can register your private Blight Leagues now, to have them launch right as the league starts!

The complete development manifesto can be found here and we have some quick highlights of what changes you can look forward to right here.

As we have already heard, gem levels will be available globally, designed to be an extension of the ability to more significantly buff your spells, started with the non-chaos as extra chaos damage modifiers. Staves will be the go-to for global gem level increases, with higher numbers and higher tiers available exclusively there.

In addition to what we already know about traps and mines, they are getting a few crafting options buffed, including essences and temple mods.

Damage over time is gaining some additional modifiers to bring them a bit more in line with chaos casters and cold DoT casters. There are also some serious changes coming to Perfect Agony, that looks like it may make critical DoT builds more viable, thanks to higher scaling.

Minions are having, unsurprisingly, huge changes across the board. More accuracy, rebalanced golems, and significantly buffed support gems and skills. 3.8.0 is looking like a good time to be a summoner, overall.

Spellcasters are having some more changes to mana, with all sources of mana leech working now off of only attacks. In exchange, other sources of mana sustain, such as flasks and reduced mana cost, are being looked at, with targeted buffs through new supports and affixes. How well this will work out remains to be seen, but casters will certainly have to change it up in the coming league.

As we know from earlier in the month, Cyclone is being heavily nerfed, but GGG is taking this opportunity to rebalance other sources of area for melee skills, in particular strikes. More weapon range on the tree, Ancestral Call changes, and a bit of love for multistrike should help some of the under-performers in the coming league.

After a long reign, Tornado Shot is being pulled back a touch, with its additional secondary projectile enchantment moving to the Eternal Labyrinth only, and being limited to a single additional projectile. This will hopefully give a bit more breathing room to other clearing skills, like Ice Shot and Lightning Arrow, which are getting minor buffs.

Contagion, after Essence Drain’s power in Legion, is having its area changed to not increase with levels, while Bodyswap is being reworked to be able to target enemies directly. Cast While Channeling Bodyswap, anybody?

Flask effect has been distributed more evenly over the tree, resulting in less per point invested, but more overall, a potentially dangerous game being played with Pathfinders.

In addition to the changes to Necromancer, Saboteur, Assassin, and Raider, several others are being changed. Notably, skill-specific bonuses, like extra attacks added to certain gems, are being moved to gems themselves, making for a much more balanced range of options when picking your ascendancy.

The Slayer and Berserker will be seeing some nerfs in 3.8.0, with lower crit chance, and a bit less speed.

And much to the joy of everyone, veiled modifiers will become easier to unveil, especially for the ones that have been a pain in the last several leagues, such as member specific modifiers.

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