3.8.1 Patch Notes Preview


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The 3.8.1 patch will be coming soon, sometime this week. Many of the improvements players have been asking for, as well as bug fixes, tower changes, and a few UI and quality of life fixes.

The full notes can be found on the official site here, but we have some highlights for you here.

  • Blighted Maps are getting buffed rewards, with extra chests for each lane.
  • Blighted Monsters can no longer have a variety of unpleasant mods, including Soul Eater and Allies Cannot Die auras.
  • Towers no longer benefits from map modifiers, a potentially large reduction to the power of offensive towers.
  • Nerfs to Summoning towers minion’s life.
  • Significant buffs to Scout towers minion damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing anointed amulets to lose their anointment if they were turned into talismans
  • Smoke mine now has a .15 second cooldown, to prevent throwing multiple at once with high mine throwing speed
  • Fixed a bug causing Primordial Might to not properly change minion AI to aggressive
  • Fixed several crash issues

As mentioned, this will be rolling out sometime this week, so keep an eye out for when it is deployed, and maybe save up your Blighted maps in the meantime!

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