Performance and Stability Improvement Goals


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As anybody paying attention to the Path of Exile community knows by now, the game’s performance has been a hot topic lately. The latest GGG news post addresses many of the community concerns, in particular, Blighted map and minion build performances, instance crashes, high memory usage, engine vs. gameplay performance, and a big elephant in the room, console performance.

Blighted maps and minions wind up having a lot in common, with tons of monsters on screen, resulting in tons of effects, and even more calculations than in normal circumstances. Because both of these are core features of the 3.8 patch cycle, they are top priorities to be fixed by GGG. The goal is to keep the difficulty and hectic-ness of Blighted maps, while improving performance, and to do the same for minions, though how they will do this remains to be seen. Hopefully we will see improvements in the coming weeks that address both of these problems.

While the “Exception: Present” crash has largely been fixed, a new crash was introduced in 3.8.1, the “Map” error. This is an issue that is primarily affecting Nvidia cards, including those with the most recent drivers. They have contacted Nvidia directly, to attempt to get to the root of the problem, so hopefully we will get a solution to this soon. This bug is causing the graphics card itself to crash, which is not possible under ordinary circumstances, so this is a high priority, both for GGG and Nvidia themselves.

A number of instance crashes have been fixed, with more fixes coming soon, via hotfixes. Similarly, we can expect some more fixes to the memory usage issues coming soon as well.

It has also been made clear that the issue is not with the engine itself, but rather with the extremes they have pushed it to through gameplay changes over the years. Things like Legions, Blights, and Minion builds can cause problems, due to so many more calculations being made than in ordinary content. This was a risk they took, particularly with this league, that has resulted in more issues than they would have liked.

All of these issues are compounded on console, due to hardware limitations, and this is resulting in more extreme issues, particularly with Blighted maps and minion builds. While there are no concrete plans to address the issues on consoles, any improvements on PC will also be improvements there.

While GGG has not given any solid plans for fixes, they have assured us that fixes are coming, and performance improvements are their top priority.

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