New Microtransactions, Delve Tab Update, and Free Mystery Boxes!


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A few more Havenwood effects have dropped, so if you are a fan of the natural, wood and leaf aesthetic, there is a full armour set, a back attachment, and a character effect for you! Check out the armour set here, and the rest in the microtransaction store:

In addition, the 3.8.1d update will include a quality of life improvement to the Delve stash tab, adding in a pair of crafting slots, one to add in resonators and fossils, and one for the item you are crafting. This makes it a better value than it already is, a welcome improvement for anybody looking to save space.

Finally, if you spend points from now until September 30th, you will get a free Carnival Mystery Box, whether you buy a weta or a set of wings. (This is only a once-per-account offer, meaning you can only get a single box, no matter how many things you buy)

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