Blight Statistics: Oils and Anointments


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In the Blight league, we have been given new methods to enchant our items, and today we get a look at how people have been making use of them. On amulets, you can anoint passive tree notables, while on rings, you can anoint bonuses for your towers. We have an in-depth breakdown of the top 20 in the official GGG news post here.

Surprising practically nobody, the amulet enchantments are dominated by 30 point stat nodes, resistance nodes, movement speed, and minion nodes. Stat notables are extremely cheap and generally very useful while levelling, as is Diamond Skin, the preferred pick for elemental resistances. Movement speed is just a generally all-around great option for practically any build, and as such, Freedom of movement is a great pick for anybody looking to boost their speed. Unsurprisingly, several minion related notables are topping the charts as well, including the number one and two slots when normalized for rarity, with Ravenous Horde and Death Attunement.

As for ring anointments, Meteor and Scout towers are the big winners when adjusted for rarity, in keeping with the immense power level of these towers. In the rarity adjusted numbers, Fire, Cold, and Minion towers dominate the list, keeping every other tower type off the list. They simply offer more power and assistance than any other option, and are generally considered to be the best way to take down Blighted Maps.

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