Hideout Showcase and New Microtransactions


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As you may or may not know, there is a hideout sharing section of the official Path of Exile forums, filled with tons of awesome hideouts! We have some highlights, hand-picked by GGG, showcasing some of the amazing things you can do with your hideout!
As a lover of creative and cool looking hideouts, these have certainly got me brewing up my own ideas, and maybe they have for you as well.

In addition to the hideout showcase, we also have a pair of new microtransactions, the Sunprism weapon effect and the Celestial Steam Powered Portal. The Sunprism weapon effect can transform any sword, axe, mace, or staff into an angelic armament, while the Celestial Steam Powered Portal is a newer take on a much older portal effect, combining the steampunk style with the ever-popular celestial theme.

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