Even More Blight Statistics!


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The third set of Blight league statistics are here, and we have a look at what the meta is looking like this league. To the surprise of basically nobody, Necromancers are topping the charts. They were extremely powerful before the league started, and their buffs to quality of life and sheer power level sent them through the roof this league. In fact, they make up more than 50% of the meta in Blight SSF league, a truly ludicrous number.

Below Necromancers, the rest of the ascendancies are actually reasonably well balanced, with smaller gaps between later spots than in many prior leagues. It will likely not surprise anybody to know that Assassin takes the number 2 spot in level 90+ characters in softcore, while Juggernaut has that claim in hardcore, with Saboteur just a bit behind either of them. Past the top three, the gaps grow narrower, with lots of ascendancies in the 2-4% range, which indicates decent balance between many of the classes, with a few outliers, some rather extreme.

The full breakdown can be found here

We also have a brand new microtransaction, the Miracle Golem skin, replacing your golem with an assemblage of glowing plates. Unfortunately, this effect does not work on the Carrion Golem, but it will offer some flair to the rest of your golem options! Check it out below!

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