Exilecon Schedule, Blight Supporter Packs Ending Soon!


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The schedule for Exilecon is now available, with the full schedule available here. If you are attending, make sure that you have everything ready in advance, especially your NZeTA, which is required for most people to visit New Zealand. This announcement has most of the information you will need if you are attending!

Even if you are not attending, there are plenty of things to look forward to, especially the racing event! There is a total of $17,500 US, split between the top three of four competitors. This will be streamed on the official Path of Exile twitch account, so if you are not already following them, you may want to do that in advance!

The Blight league supporter packs are also only available for a bit longer, so if you have been thinking about picking one up, you have about two weeks left! You can also put one on reserve if you want one up to three months down the line.

There is also a large sale on loads of footprints, portals, and character effects, so if you want to spice up your looks, you can check out what’s for sale in the microtransaction store.

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