Exilecon Keynote, 3.9 Expansion Reveal!


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3.9.0 will see us experiencing an all-new endgame story, with massive changes coming to the Atlas of Worlds, tons of new support gems, incredible new power, and tons of other things to get excited about. We may or may not be the villains, with Zana sealing Exiles who helped her to defeat the Elder, and overhauling the Atlas and how we interact with it. We can customize the Atlas from the ground up, allowing for even running nothing but tier 14-16 maps.

The expansion will also be giving us new currency items, “Support gems Plus,” and replacements for Shaper and Elder items. The full details will be coming later in the 3.9.0 deep dive.

We also have a look at the new 3.9 league, with brand new content, a new NPC, and the goopy new Metamorph mechanic. Quality will be coming to new item types, and bosses can be merged to create new and terrifying experiences.

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