Exilecon Day Two Panels


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On day two of Exilecon, we have several new panels, hosted by a variety of streamers, with a number of GGG staff members, on core topics of the game. You can check out the livestream and the schedule here, and it is absolutely worth watching if you have the time. Each streamer has a different topic, and a different set of staff members with them.

Throughout the day, we have already seen Quin, Zizaran, and Asuzara’s segments, while there is plenty more upcoming. Later in the day, we will have opportunities to see more 4.0 gameplay, featuring Mathil, Zizaran, Quin, and Rhykker. Finally, wrapping up the day with an event that you will not want to miss, ZiggyD and RaizQT will be providing commentary on the Exilecon racing event finals, with $10,000 USD up for grabs between the four racers!

If you have missed any of the streams so far, you can find the VODs on the official Path of Exile twitch page, as well as on their youtube account.

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