ExileCon Recap and Important Things You May Have Missed


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First, and most importantly, Path of Exile 2 is coming! A new seven act campaign, that will culminate with the same end-game experience. 19 new Ascendancies, new character models, new physics based rigging, all playable alongside the original campaign.

The next pair of announcements were for the upcoming 3.9 expansion, with both the league and major expansion title. Conquerors of the Atlas will see us contending with exiles, not unlike ourselves, who lost themselves to the endless grind, and were trapped within the map device by Zana. It will allow for greater control and customization of the Atlas of Worlds, with the potential to discover, upgrade, and improve your maps far more than we have before. The league launching alongside this is Metamorph league, where you will be able to mash monsters together for deadly boss fights with incredible rewards.

Possibly the most surprising announcement, there is a mobile Path of Exile game in the works. While the details are not exactly clear cut yet, it looks to be following the principles behind Path of Exile to the core, so expect a free to play game without heavily predatory monetization, something quite rare these days. The tech being used for mobile development has also allowed them to develop a Mac OS version of the main game, so that, as Chris Wilson put it, you can play on your work PCs.

If you want more information about the goings on at ExileCon, check out the official recap post here!

There are plenty of things that could have been missed if you did not watch the full show live, and plenty more will become available over time, as they release panels that were not shown live. In the future, we can expect Vulkan support, changes to animations as they speed up, and the Shaper being accessed in new ways. We also got a sneak peak of an item or two via the ExileCon card game, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for more neat things that may show up!

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