Conquerors of the Atlas New Bow Skills


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The 3.9 expansion is coming with some great new things for bow builds, including several new active and support gems. Today, we got a look at the rework to Ranged Attack Totems, which are being changed to Ballistas. Ballistas place faster, have a higher cap of active totems, and are placed closer to yourself, as well as having some specific nodes on the passive tree.

Shrapnel Ballista is a new low level skill, with the ability to “shotgun” enemies at close range, its multiple projectiles able to hit a single enemy. During ExileCon, it was mentioned that Shrapnel Shot may be getting the same treatment, so the coming league may be a great time to play a point blank bow build!

Artillery Ballista comes in at a higher level, and fire projectiles in a cascade pattern, similar to Glacial Cascade, but not necessarily originating from the totem. It comes with a brand new AI, that allows the totem to position its shots such that they will hit the maximum number of enemies.

Finally, Ensnaring Arrow is a new utility skill, allowing you to slow enemies greatly, and causing enemies entangled by it to be permanently registered as moving. This offers great synergy with bleed, if you choose not to take the Crimson Dance keystone, so it would be interesting to see if that works out! If you want to see the new skills in action, check out the video below!

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