Official Teasers Page and New Bow Supports


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Leading up to the release of the 3.9.0 Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, GGG has decided to keep us up to date on teasers with a page compiling all of them! You can find the official collection here. We will still be keeping up with the news as it arrives, of course!

Our first new support is Arrow Nova, something we have seen in trailers and gameplay previews already, which turns projectiles into something fired into the air, exploding into a nova of projectiles when it lands. It allows you to deliver your projectiles directly into the center of a pack, which could be great for skills like Lightning Arrow, and because they explode at a set distance, may be a great area booster for skills like Caustic Arrow!

Greater Volley, previously restricted to Reach of the Council, is being added to the game as a support gem, available from level 38. It will have a smaller damage penalty than Greater Multiple Projectiles, though its projectile spread is still generally worse. This change comes alongside a buff to Lesser Multiple Projectiles and the base Volley Support Gems, looking to make them better during levelling and at endgame.

As we know by now, Barrage is a powerhouse for single target on bow and wand builds, and in 3.9.0, you will be able to make any wand or bow attack fire like Barrage, thanks to the Barrage Support. It will add extra attack time for extra projectiles, but can be cancelled early, so you will not be locked in place for a deadly amount of time. This is a potent method to deal massive single target damage, especially with skills like Power Siphon and Split Arrow, as well as the reworked Shrapnel Shot.

You can check out what the new supports will look like in action in the reveal video below!

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