Big MTX sale, Storytelling in Path of Exile and more


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Today we are taking a look at the interview with Matt Dymerski, which took place at the Exilecon. He talks about different aspects of storytelling and how difficult it can be in a game such as Path of Exile. Considering there can be a big gap between experienced and new players you will have to approach different people in different ways. For example, storytelling for veterans is in form of main quest lines, gem description, catchy phrases that big bosses say during fights and even unique item flavor text. For the newbies, the most important thing is to lead them through the game and actually teach them game mechanics and how to play, because if they cannot progress through the game they will not see any of the story any ways. Something that is also very interesting is how writing the game’s story is linked to art.

On another note, there is a big sale of Wings and Back Attachments going on until 7th of January. Considering those two MTX purchases can be the most expensive ones you can save some bucks right now.

In the official Path of Exile Twitter there was very interesting post that states the following:

“We’re currently working on a patch with a fair amount of improvements. With a lot of devs are still away, it would be too risky to deploy it before the weekend. We’re keen to release a patch ASAP, likely next week with some changes coming early if they can be deployed early.”

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