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Path of Exile’s performance is not optimal and we all know that. There is no doubt the development team is working hard on improving and smoothing out the game play but some things just go under the radar with new leagues. This results in stutters, huge frame drops and more, even on some high-end PCs. Sound may be one of the main issues that causes your game to lag out and it is becoming more popular throughout the community how disabling some sound settings completely can result in much better and stable game play. In order to do that you have to do the following steps:

  1. You need to find your Path of Exile Config file, which by default is located in your User folder > Documents > My Games > Path of Exile. The file’s exact name is production_Config.
  2. Once you’ve located the file Right click it and press Open With, then select NotePad.
  3. Then search for the Sound settings, which should be located at 60-70% of the file’s length. Then change the following lines from numeric to “false”:


Make sure your game is closed while doing that. Once you have done the following steps simply save the file and close it, then launch Path of Exile again. You will notice the game is much more quiet now. All the action sounds like Shattering, Volatiles etc. are muted. By setting these settings to “false” instead of “0” you are basically telling your PC it must not process all of the extra sounds, which will result in smoother gaming experience, especially on slower machines.

This article was inspired by a Youtube video of a well-known PoE community member – Cutedog_.

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