Patch 3.9.2 is coming with major improvements


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With the upcoming patch 3.9.2, we are getting much desired changes.

We all had the problem of piling up a lot of organs of the same type (too many Brains but no Eyes, for example). In patch 3.9.2 you will be able to vendor 3 of the same organ type for another random organ with random properties. This will allow us to convert all of our “bad” organs with unwanted modifiers for different ones, perhaps much better. For example, selling one Brain, one Lung, and one Heart will guarantee that you receive either an Eye or a Liver (the two rarest organs, in all likelihood). Note that in order to have this deterministic approach and ensure that you get the organ you need, you need to only sell your organs in sets of 3, and not in bulk.

Several of the Metamorph skills have been touched and are now easier to avoid.

There will also be changes to the Awakener fight, mainly reducing his power at earlier awakening levels (prior to a maxed out level 8 Awakener). The storm behavior has also been changed, which in the long run fixes issues like entering the arena and being in the storm.

These are the main changes that come with patch 3.9.2, the other part of the patch notes can be found here. It mainly consists of bug fixes.

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