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For those that are not familiar with Baeclast, this is a podcast organized by community member and Twitch() streamer TarkeCat. Usually, he invites other well known streamers and YouTubers to talk about Path of Exile on a weekly basis. In Baeclast #51, the guests of the podcast are RaizQT, Nugiyen, Brittleknee, and Octavion.

Overall, the podcast covers some interesting topics about early stages of the Metamorph league. There has been big discussion of known issues along with some interesting proposals to solve these problems. One of the things it was talked about was how Waggle (a well known racer/speed runner) could not land the first Awakener kill in the HC SSF Awakener race because of a bug and died, essentially losing the $8,000 prize. Things like that are very unfortunate and sometimes bugs go below GGG’s radar, and this was a disappointing example.

There was a team of Twitch casters that streamed 24/7 and commented on everyone’s way to the first Awakener kill. Brittleknee goes more in-depth of how close the team was to quitting the casting simply because they were exhausted. She also talked extensively about how the whole thing was organizing and it was interesting to hear that all of their work was done voluntarily.

Besides that, each player explained what he played recently. RaizQT played Explosive Arrow Champion that utilized Ballistas and he got pretty far but unfortunately died by “fisting” (one of the Conqueror’s abilities where he punches a fist from the ground up, which deals tons of damage). Octavian played Toxic Rain Mines Saboteur, and Nugiyen played self-cast Explosive Arrow.

Both Nugi and RaizQT explained how Explosive Arrow feels very bad against bosses that move around a lot, because you cannot apply a decent ignite. Brittleknee talked about how you can make a character specifically for “Fossil farming”, which is a build that focuses on running in Delve quickly and using some game mechanics in order to prevent you from dying to the Darkness (at least for quite some time, which allows you to run in the dark and pick up Fossils, then run away). And TarkeCat plays Caustic Arrow once again.

Overall, the podcast was very enjoying to listen to. It is a place where you can find amusement along with learning more things about the game. All of the written above aims to give you accurate substance of the podcast along with a bit of humor. You can find Baeclast #51 here.

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