Official Path of Exile news along with a 270k HP one-shot


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Since yesterday patch 3.9.2b, which fixed a lot of Metamorph crash issues was finally launched for Xbox One users. You can check out the official thread here. We’ve also got three new pets in the item shop, which look adorable. Check out the Fire, Ice and Lightning ball pets. For the last official news thread that was posted recently we have a concept art for the very well received Core Supporter Pack.

On another note, here is a ridiculous clip of a Twitch streamer Manni2 getting one-shot while having 270 749 effective HP. Yep, that is the actual number. The immense amount of effective life is achieved mainly by Headhunter Headhunter stealing mods from rare enemies. How you can die with that amount of HP is even more mind-blowing and the answer is a detonation of a Metamorph’s corpse.

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