Many quality of life changes in 3.9.2c along with a new Hideout


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Patch 3.9.2c comes along with tons of great quality of life changes. We all know how it feels you would struggle to click your watchstone in the right socket because it is too small, well, not anymore. “Clicking anywhere on a Citadel with a non-Unique Watchstone on your cursor now sockets that Watchstone into the appropriate socket if one is available” fixes this issue. Many other changes like changing Influenced map’s backgrounds in order to make things more visual and adding text to maps to let you know which Citadel is Influenced by a particular Conqueror makes things much clearer just by looking at the map in your inventory. Sirus now also drops Influenced items when killed. There has also been a handful of bug fixes. You can check the official article here.

We are also getting a purchasable Morbid Hideout, which is pretty much the arena in which you fight Piety in Act III. Along with the numbing music you can also hear the horrific screams of the tortures in the background. The hideout costs 180 points in its full price.

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