Metamorph statistics after month and a half of the league-start


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GGG posted an official thread where we can check out the most played classes. We all know by now that summoners are very much Meta in this league but no one expected a quarter of the player base to be playing as the Necromancer. We have never had such a dominating class in the Path of Exile history until now and it is not hard to predict the nerf hammer coming for it. In the level 90+ in HC the percentage of Necromancers raises to 29.23% and at level 90+ in an SSF environment it goes up to the mind-blowing 35.38%. We can also see that the class is still very dominant in other gaming platforms too. Other classes that kept their popularity are Trickster, Juggernaut (mainly in HC), Guardian, Champion and Gladiator. For a Bow rework league Ranger’s ascendancy classes lack behind a lot. Bows in general have weak single target and this is not really a great synergy with the Metamorph league. A Bow rework league will work much better for some clear speed league mechanic like Legion for example. Bows might shine in the future without being touched, but they also might need a bit more tweaking before being called viable compared to a squad of Skeletons that can crush Sirus easily.

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