Improvements to Item Filters and Metamorph Supporter Packs


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In about three weeks we will be getting an intriguing announcement of the 3.10 expansion and its new challenge league. This means we will have a new Supporter Pack, which will replace the Metamorph Supporter Pack. It will essentially leave the store forever, so if you like what it includes you should get it now.

The Item Filters are getting tweaked and will now be even more customizable than before. You will be able to select different socket colours, influences and more. For those of you who do not know what an Item Filter is, it is essentially a program that allows you to clear the screen of useless items. This way the screen clutter is reduced by a great amount. You can customize the text size, colour and even the sound played when an item drops based on what you are looking for. The process of making your own Item Filter is kind of lenghty and complicated, which is why the majority of the player base is using NeverSink’s collection of Item Filters.

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