Havoc's Awakener level 8 kill with Cleave in the zDPS league


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Havoc616 has been one of the most known top players in the PoE community for long time. He still performs extremely well and here we can check out his Sirus 8 kill in the zDPS event. The goal of the league was to defeat the hardest boss in the game by using melee skills only.

Havoc used Cleave Cleave with a Champion that focused on dealing tons of damage with Impales while dual-wielding Axes. The build was using Resolute Technique, meaning it always hits but never Crits. He also had a great Life pool along with tons of damage mitigation in the form of permanent Fortify, big Vaal Molten Shell Vaal Molten Shell and more. We have a guide for a relatively similar build that uses Swords and goes for Critical Strikes, you can check it out here.

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