Baeclast #53 & more 3.10 teasers


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Baeclast #53 was informative and interesting to listen to as per usual. Major topics of the podcast were Cluster Jewels, new Skills, incoming buffs/nerfs and more. Guests were RaizQT, ZiggyD, Nugiyen and Octavian.

Here several more 3.10 teasers we can check out in the official thread.

The Interrogation, Small Cluster Jewel
Cannot Ignite, Freeze, Chill or Shock
Critical Strikes Inflict Scorch, Brittle and Sapped

This unique Cluster Jewel allows you to apply different elemental Ailments based on the base type of the damage you do. Scorch lower’s enemies Fire resistance up to 20%, based on your Hit. Brittle is the Cold-themed Ailments that allows you to gain up to 10% base Crit Chance against the particular target. Sapped is associated with Lightning and applies a Damage done reduction, which can go up to 20%.

The Eldritch Decay, Divination Card
Uber Elder Fragment

This Divination Card will allow you to build up your Uber Elder set easier. This is especially good in an SSF environment.

Fasting, new Cluster Jewel notable
20% Increased Flask Charges Gained
20% Increased Movement Speed while under No Flask Effects

This Flask cluster would work great in most builds. The small nodes leading up to it are also very good. The cluster will most likely be useless to the Pathfinder ascendancy class.

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