Kinetic Bolt and Spellslinger Support


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The new Wand-related gems look great and in theory you can do tons of cool things with them. We will see how good they are in reality once they hit the live servers. Kinetic Bolt is a Projectile Attack that releases Forking projectiles; the skill should have very interesting interaction with both Fork Support Fork Support and Barrage Support Barrage Support. The skill looked decent for clearing but it also seemed a lot like Kinetic Blast Kinetic Blast, which has great clear speed but bad single target. The interesting thing about Kinetic Bolt is that its Wand Attack Damage off 150% of your Spell damage, essentially allowing you to build an Attack-based build using mainly Spell damage nodes. This is also where Spellslinger Support comes in. This Support gem allows you to Cast a Spell every time you attack, much like The Poet's Pen The Poet's Pen. This will allow you to hit very hard with both the Attack and Spell portion of a single action. Another very interesting thing to note is that the Spellslinger Support adds your Wand’s base damage to the damage of the Spell released, meaning that if your Wand has 50-70 added Cold damage to Attacks this will also be added to the Spell.

With all of these interesting interactions between Attacks and Spells we can propose several ways to build characters around those two gems.

Elemental Damage, using Inquisitor or Elementalist

The Inquisitor ascendancy class would work great while scaling tons of elemental damage for both the Attack and the chosen Spell(s). The Inevitable Judgement ascendancy node will allow you to penetrate enemies’ resistances, which will let you focus on the damage scaling part. Kinetic Bolt plus something like Glacial Cascade Glacial Cascade should work great for both single target and clearing scenarios. Elementalist’s Elemancer on the other hand allows you to get tons of free damage for each type of Golem you have, which makes scaling any kind of damage very easy.

Poisons, using Assassin or Pathfinder

The skill combo also looks very promising for Poison-oriented builds since you should be able to Poison with both the Attack and the Spell. This can result in very powerful damage output, especially in the endgame.

There are many other ways to theory-craft a build around these gems but for now it may be just a mind candy since everything is a subject to change. Also keep an eye at Crown of Eyes Crown of Eyes, it may become a powerful chase unique once again. We will know more soon enough with upcoming teasers and leaks.

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