Mana-based Gems


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Recent teasers about the Mana-based Gems were released.

Arcane Cloak

We will be getting a Mana Shield ability called Arcane Cloak, which is a new Guardian skill that has both offensive and defensive aspects. It will absorb up to 75% of incoming damage from Hits, taking it away from your Mana instead of Life and Energy Shield. Combining this with Mind over Matter should result in 100% damage mitigation while the Cloak is active and you have unreserved Mana. The offensive aspect of the skill grants you tons of extra Lightning damage at the cost of humongous amount of Mana per Cast.

Archmage Support

Archmage Support allows you to scale any Spell that has Mana cost by investing heavily into Mana. Archmage Support will turn the skill’s Mana cost from a flat amount into a percentage of your unreserved Mana. Essentially you will gain extra Lightning damage based on the cost of the Spell, the more it costs, the higher amount of damage you will be dealing.

Stormbind and Rune Blast

Stormbind is a new channelling skill that requires character level 28 at level 1 of the Gem. The skill has three different parts. First, you are channelling Mana Runes on the ground. The more you channel, the bigger the damage and AoE. Secondly, you can detonate these Mana Runes by using a new keybind, much like detonating Mines. The last part of the skill is a teleportation, which will occur at the first rune detonated. This Mana-based looks like it has great balance between offense and mobility at the same time.

You can also check out a short gameplay video here.

These skills look great and should have very good synergy with asncendacies like Inquisitor, Elementalist, Hierophant, Assassin and Trickster. We will need more information about the Gems in order to start theory-crafting.

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