Additional Cluster Jewels and Delirium Challenges


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In Delirium 3.10 we will be able as per usual to earn rewards after completing 12, 24 and 36 league challenges. If you are new to Path of Exile or the challenge leagues in general, these challenges consist of defeating regular Act bosses, interacting with the new league mechanic and completing some harder endgame content. Most of the PoE player base can easily complete at least 12 challenges for the given 3 months, while only the top players of the community can complete 36 or more. You can check out the rewards here.

Along with that we have several new teasers of the new Cluster Jewel nodes and another divination card you can skip picking up. The Easy Stroll provides a rare Tier 8 corrupted Terrace map and the deck consists of 2 Divination cards. The Cheater consists of 3 cards and rewards you with a 20% Quality Level 6 Awakened Support gems; this Divination card should be pretty expensive.

Here are some of the passive notables and a brief overview.

Low Tolerance
8% to Damage over Time Multiplier for Poison
Poisons you Inflict on non-Poisoned Enemies deal 300% Increased Damage

Low Tolerance can easily help fix the clunkiness of clearing with several Poison-based builds.

Vicious Skiwering
Attacks have 10% Chance to cause Bleeding
10% Chance to Inflict Impale on Hit
15% increased effect of Impales inflicted by Hits that also inflict Bleeding

This notable is not particularly powerful simply because most of the time you mainly specialize in dealing Bleeding damage or inflict powerful Impales. Scaling both at the same time proves to be inefficient at the current state of the game.

Attacks with Axes or Swords grant 1 Rage on Hit, no more than once every Second.

Bloodscent is pretty decent but specific to certain weapon types, which is not always a great thing.

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