How the Delirium launch went


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The Delirum 3.10 launch went very well compared to other league launches. We had few server-sided hiccups here and there with players not being able to create new zones, but that’s about it. Apparently GGG received lengthy DDOS attacks but they managed to handle it very well. When it comes to the new Delirium league it is looking amazing and besides several performance issues the mechanic proves to be challenging and interesting. Cluster Jewels also prove to be as useful as we expected and you should pick one now if you can.

In this paragraph we will go very briefly over some of the new/reworked Gems. Animate Weapon Animate Weapon turned out to be a very well-rounded leveling skill, which is also a monster in the endgame. You can use it as early as level 4 up until the endgame. You can check out Animate Weapon & Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer Build Guide here. Wands and Spellslinger Support Spellslinger Support in general are decent but they should become more powerful in the coming days since they should scale hard with gear. Archmage Support Archmage Support can allow you to deal insane amounts of extra Lightning damage when used by a character that has a ton of unreserved Mana.

The Thaumaturgy Mystery Box provides a ton of new cool microtransactions so if you are a fan of mystery boxes be sure to check it out.

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