3.10.0D Patch notes and Pros & Cons of the league


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3.10.0D lowers the league mechanic’s difficulty significantly. Although this patch provides only portion of the improvements we were promised in the Development manifesto it is a good start. The main problem with the league is that the player has the option the increase monster’s Life and Damage way beyond what he can handle. Most players (especially in a softcore environment) will ramp up the Delirium immensely and will get one-shot inevitably. Even though some of the monsters were obviously over-tuned players had all of the options to avoid death whenever possible, even in a T16. Simulacrum on the other hand was disappointing to say the least.

Overall the Delirium league introduces a lot of difficulty in Path of Exile and is probably what is getting us ready for something like Path of Exile 2’s slower-paced gameplay. The league mechanic is fun but it will need more improvements to visibility, performance and even rewards in order to become crowd’s favorite.

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