Five things to consider before you decide to farm up currency


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This article should be in great help for those who struggle to get their hands on more non-budget friendly build-enabling items. These methods are simple and easy to understand and require very little to no investment as long as you have decent build that has enough survivability, single target and clear speed. Always remember, with a slow build you will acquire less currency no matter what you do. If you only ramp up the damage and die in one hit you will still lose time, so picking a well-balanced build is more than half of the work.


Do not forget to activate your bonus missions from your atlas every time you open a new map. Most of them provide more monsters to your map, which translates into more loot. Even Bestiary can be very profitable if you manage to capture rare beasts. With buffs to the Temple of Altzoatl Alva’s missions become that much more viable.

Do not bite more than you can chew

Always remember, if you have a character with 3.5k HP you will just die constantly in red maps and this is just a ton of lost time. Do white or yellow maps until you can gear up and get more passive points. Getting your first red map does not mean you immediately have to run it.

Get a good feel of the current economy

Every league introduces a new Meta. Some things never change though, like a solid skill that does well every time (Essence Drain for example). Besides that you should adapt your ways of trading and knowing what to look for. In Delirium for example Cluster Jewels are very viable to those who know their way around them. Since they are extremely easy to craft all you need is the base, which most people sell for a couple of Chaos Orb Chaos Orb without even knowing how powerful they can become.


Flipping is a method of turning currency into more currency. For example, you sell 23 Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing for 10 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb and then buy 25 Fusings for 10c. Once you have enough currency you can start flipping and the whole thing will snowball pretty quickly.

Getting good at specific content

Path of Exile has piled a lot of different things you can do these days and focusing on one and getting good at it can reward you greatly. You can do Uber Lab runs, Delve, Bestiary, Metamorphs, farm tough red maps for high iLvl items, farm low maps with tons of mods for high amounts of drops, do specific maps for certain Divination Card or whatever the target may be. You can choose a single one of these methods and trade your way up to a Headhunter Headhunter for example. If you are good at trading you can achieve it without even leaving your hideout if that is your thing.

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