WoW Classic: Phase 4 Live Today


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Today marks the launch of Phase 4 in World of Warcraft: Classic and we’ve put together guides for all of the new content over on our sister site, Icy Veins.

The newest update to hit the Classic servers brings with it a new 20-man raid, Zul’Gurub, which pits players against the jungle trolls of Stranglethorn and their lord, Hakkar the Soulflayer. Hakkar is arguably one of the most infamous bosses in the Classic world, given that he was the source of the Corrupted Blood incident, which saw players taking a debuff into the world and wiping out entire cities of players with it.

To help stop the Blood God Hakkar, a new faction has also arrived for players to interact with: the Zandalari Tribe. This reputation brings with it new gear through the professions system, so we’ve made sure to update all of our profession guides for Phase 4.

Along with Zul’Gurub, we’re also getting 4 new World Bosses, the Dragons of Nightmare. These 4 emerald dragons were previously lieutenants to the leader of the Emerald Dragonflight, Ysera, but Lethon, Emeriss, Ysondre, and Taerar are now located across the world in their corrupted forms, waiting for players to come and challenge them.

With new bosses comes new loot, so we’ve made sure to update our class guides and gear guides to include the newest items from Zul’Gurub and the Dragons of Nightmare.

Whether you’re new to the game and looking to level up for the first time or you’re a returning player hoping to get back into raiding for Zul’Gurub, hopefully the guides on Icy Veins will help you make the right choices on your path to defeating Hakkar and beyond!

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