Why Evasion and Dodge are inconsistent and upcoming improvements


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Evasion Rating and Chance to Dodge have been ranger’s best friend for very long time. They’ve also become more and more inconsistent over time with different monster types, Attacks and Spells added to the game. Both stats might seem similar but in nature they are very different. Chance to Dodge is essentially a pure RNG mechanic while Chance to Evade is not.

Every time you might get hit by an Attack or Spell hit and you have 20% Chance to Dodge that kind of damage the game will roll and you will either get hit or not. The main perk of Chance to Dodge is that you can also have Spell Dodge, which is great for mitigating damage from Spells that hits.

Things are a bit different when it comes to Evasion Rating. It uses an entropy system, which allows you to have a better chance to Evade an attack if you get hit consistently. For example, if you have 30% Chance to Evade against a particular type of monster and you get hit, against its next attack you will have 35%, if you get hit again this percent will raise again until you Evade, then you will go down to 30% again. These numeric values are just used as an example and are not real. This entropy mechanic is great when it comes to consistency but the main problem with Evasion Rating is that it cannot mitigate Spell damage at all. And since you are more than likely to combine an Evasion-stacking character with things like Acrobatics you will have little to no Armour, which means you will get wrecked by Physical-based Spells every time you do not manage to Dodge them. Evasion Rating’s consistency mainly varies based on the opposing monster’s Accuracy Rating. The greater its Accuracy Rating is, the less viable your Evasion Rating becomes. Evasion Rating is getting reworked in Path of Exile 2, making it able to Evade Spell Hits and this will introduce things like Spell Accuracy Rating for monsters. This should make the mechanic feel much better and not completely useless in some fights.

The main problems of the Acrobatics Keystone is that it halves your Armour while also significantly reduces your Chance to Block Spells and Attacks and lowers your Energy Shield by a 30%. This makes investing into those defensive layers useless. Mistwall Mistwall is a very interesting unique Shield that can be used in builds that use Acrobatics. It allows you to take advantage of the 30% Chance to Dodge Attack Hits while you are also able to have capped Chance to Block without any investment. This synergizes very well with a character that uses a Shield while also keeping its distance. If you are wondering what that might be, Poison-based Cobra Lash Pathfinder is a quick example.

There are several things you can do when playing an Evasion-based character in order to drastically improve your survivability. Since you expect to take a ton, if not the full Physical hits you should find a way to mitigate that damage in other ways. For example, you can convert a portion of Physical damage taken into certain elemental type, which will allow your 75%+ elemental resistances take care of that. Lightning Coil Lightning Coil does a great job of that. Kintsugi Kintsugi is another insane Body Armour that sees little use, but is amazing when it comes to mitigating damage in Evasion/Dodge-based builds.

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