Empyriangaming gets 264 Simulacrum Splinters in a single map


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Empyriangaming is a content creator known for pushing boundaries in Path of Exile and showing the community what is possible. That is definitely apparent in this Youtube video where he manages to “juice-up” a map so much that it has 5 additional Breaches, more than 6 Strongboxes, Legion, Alva, Cassia and who knows what else. He also carries a full inventory of Phophecies which he replaces immediately after fulfilling them, which results in even more monsters spawned.

After what turns out to be one very stressful Tier 16 map he manages to get Simulacrum Splinter Simulacrum Splinter x264, which is almost a full Simulacrum Simulacrum. That is simply ridiculous! This of course is achieved by having a broken character that is also known as the “Harold” build, which makes use of the new Cluster Jewel notable Purposeful Harbinger. After stacking a ton of aura effect through that he ends up with extremely powerful character that can obviously do all the content there is. Do not get fooled that anyone can do that, simply because a character like that one can cost upwards of 1000 Exalted Orb Exalted Orbs.

Empyriangaming is a top player with great game knowledge. If you want to learn more about him you can follow him on Youtube and Twitch.tv.

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