Tons of new MTX and Screenshot Competition Highlights


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It seems like sitting at home allows GGG to “pump-out” a ton of new MTXs’ for sale. You can check out the Celestial Bladestorm, Celestial Animate Weapon, and Automaton Cyclone Effect.

Recently we are kind of under the impression that microtransactions are pushed-out on a regular basis, mainly for “META” skills. For example, buffing/reworking Animate Weapon Animate Weapon makes the skill much more fun to use and the gem will see a lot of attention. Therefore the team releases a new skin for the skill, which will essentially earn way more money that it would if the skill was not touched. This is a great marketing strategy while also the game play gets a nice treatment in the mean while (and of course, game play should always be more important).

Here we can check out the insane art of work some fans have come up with by screen-shotting parts of the game.

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