Method Rush Race Season 1


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The Method Rush Race Season 1 introduces a competitive scene to watch. One of the few ones for PoE in 2020. After the qualifiers top of the 35 racers will brawl for the first place in series of different races such as Vaal kill, Piety Act III kill, Kitava Act V kill, 90 minutes Exp race and more. A new very impressive name that came up recently is Chipidiot. He managed to impress everyone in the qualifiers and overall remained to be very consistent in the following races. Tytykiller, Havoc and DeadandDoom are some of the names at the top of the ladder, players that have been known to be the best at racing for long time.

There are still more races to come in the following weekend. The Method Rush Race Season 1 will end on May 2nd and top players on the ladder will split a prize pool of $4200.

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