The end of the Method Racing Season 1


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With the end of the The Method Racing Season 1 we know that our old racers from Exilecon are still on the top of the food chain. Both Havoc and Tytykiller were very consistent in all of the racing formats.

Each day of the racing season consisted of several races, in most cases more than 5. The last day of the racing season consisted of more than 7 races in total, which not only tested player’s ingame skills, but their endurance too. As we all know playing on a high level while focused can tire you very easily and we saw that in the later stages of the racing days. Competitors made simple mistakes when it comes to gearing, mechanical hiccups and more. It was very fun to watch all of the RIPs.

After all Havoc won the first place, followed by Tytykiller in the second place and Chip_idiot in the third.

What we have learned after watching the top dogs of the PoE racing community is that gear is overrated and as RaizQT says “ click fast, kill monster fast” is the way to go. Shadow and Witch were the most picked classes when it came to boss kills like Dominus, Kitava and basically any race longer than 30 minutes. We also saw some Ranger action from Quantrik, which was actually very impressive. It turns out that leveling a Ranger with the combination of Caustic Arrow Caustic Arrow and Puncture Puncture can work pretty well.

Here you can check out the VOD from the Method channel for the 3rd and 4th day of the racing season.

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