The China race to 100


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Tencent has organized a large race to level 100 for all of the known competitive Path of Exile players. The prize pool is $14, 000 and the race takes place on the Asian servers, which is very bad for our well-known boys, simply because they have to play at 200+ ping.

The race’s main idea is to be extremely punishing. Its format is SSFHC and monsters pretty much have all the nasty stuff they can. More Life, 30% of Physical as extra damage of each Element, Turbo, extra Projectiles, 20% overall damage. Players also have -40% to all resistances, including Chaos. This is just one big recipe for death.

The race is 10 days long and a winner will be chosen depending on his accomplishments on an ALIVE character, meaning that you have to finish with a character that is high enough level. Players will be getting bonus points for boss kills like Atziri, Shaper, Elder, etc. That is again only counted on a character that is alive.

In general players have been pushing very slowly. Gearing is a very important part even early on, simply because every boss moves faster and hits like a truck. All of the players that are playing in the race have been provided with accounts with stash tabs and the Pay-to-Win pet that is only available in Asia. It essentially gathers currency items on the ground and usually costs around $150.

Zizaran does a great job of explaining everything you need to know about the race here.

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