What to do in the dead zone of a league


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Path of Exile’s three month challenge leagues give us a great opportunity for a fresh start with new league mechanics, balance changes, new systems and more. Once the second month of the league passes players tend to move away from the game since it is kind of becoming repetitive at this point. This will especially happen to you if you do not have certain goals set up.

It is a good idea to start playing the challenge league in one of the trade leagues and while everyone is active you will have great time. Once you are bored of that you can move to a SSF environment and do your own thing. Like, set a goal to kill Shaper or some other boss with a non-popular skill that you’ve liked for a long time but never managed to play with it.

The China race is still at full speed and this also reminds us how extra hard modes are always fun to play around. You can set up private leagues like this one and even invite your friends and begin your tough adventure there. This will definitely add a new layer of fun while you are waiting for the new league to come out.

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