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Today we are taking a look at the in-depth Harvest league mechanic FAQ posted here.

We will make sure to give you all of the important information in a “wraped-up” format. Some of the questions will be skipped since they have pretty short answers anyways. You can also check out our Harvest League Guide, where you can find all we know about the league so far.

Harvest League Guide

Do seeds stack?


How do I make my plants grow?

Open seed caches in next areas. Each opening is counted for one growth cycle, which is required by seeds to reach maturity for harvesting.

What happens if I don’t plant my seeds, will they disappear?


If I don’t feel like tending my garden, what happens if I skip entering the garden for a map?

You can play the league content whenever you want without any negative consequences.

How do I get garden equipment?

You get some for free, then you can buy whatever you need with Condensed Lifeforce.

Can I accidentally target my garden’s infrastructure while I’m fighting monsters?

GGG aims to not have the Metamorph issue whatsoever.

How do I know which crafting options I’ll get?

The mods available will be stated on the seeds themselves. In general you want to harvest more seeds in a single activation in order to gather enough Lifeforce to craft multiple times. You can get a total of 8 mods, but you will most likely not have enough Lifeforce to make use of all of them.

Does Harvest crafting also benefit low level players?

If you are a slow-paced player that likes to take their time and accumulate better gear in order to complete the story line Harvest will help you with that exponentially. If you like to rush the leveling content the league mechanic will most likely not make that big of a deal.

Do monsters from the garden also drop items?

Yes. The monsters will drop more items than usual along with Harvest-specific uniques.

What’s the motivation for killing more monsters?

More crafting availability in a single session.

Will there be some way to know when your plants are ready to Harvest without visiting your garden?

There should be a UI system that lets you know you are ready to harvest.

Will my garden ever reset?


Am I able to access my garden from my other characters?

The Sacred Grove is account-bound, meaning you have one garden for all of your characters.

You can also check out ZiggyD’s interview with Chris Wilson where they discuss how the league will work in general.

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