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In 3.11 we will be seeing huge improvements to Warcries along with some unique item reworks, some of which will still be “vendor trash” sadly.


Warcry skills will be much more impactful on your play style in 3.11. In the past they were only usable against large quantity of monsters and did not take into account the power of these monsters, which rendered them useless against bosses.

Enduring Cry’s benefits are still purely defensive, it still generates endurance charges and provides a short burst of healing, additional elemental resistances and better physical damage mitigation for a short duration.

Intimidating Cry on the other hand exerts your next few attacks, making them deal double damage. This Warcry is great for setupping short burst windows.

Ancestral Cry is a great addition to the melee strike skills. It will essentially allow some builds to not swap two support gems in order to work for clearing.

Seismic Cry will be the go-to for every Slam build out there.

Rallying Cry is a great Warcry skill for both supports and summoners. Something like Dominating Blow Guardian will greatly benefit from the rework of the skill.

Infernal Cry has very interesting new concept, which will allow you to improve your clear speed while also having the ability to cover enemies in ash without being a Chieftain.

You can check out the official thread post and video about Warcry skills here.

Reworked Unique Items

Some of the old unique items that lost their power overtime are reworked for 3.11 and should be considered in some builds. The Rigwald's Savagery Rigwald's Savagery and Rigwald's Command Rigwald's Command are seeing a lot of love and synergize very well with each other and Rage/Bleed builds in general. The Wildfire Wildfire unique Jewel now makes your Molten Strike Molten Strike chain, which will change the skills’ playstyle for sure. Brain Rattler Brain Rattler now applies huge Shocks and is a great contender for 2-hand Maces in the endgame.

You can check out more information about the reworked unique items here.

Baeclast is a PoE podcast hosted by Tarkecat in which well known community members gather to talk about the game. Episode #58 was all about the announcement of the Harvest league with guests: ZiggyD, Nuggiyen, Octavian and RaizQT.

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