More Harvest Crafting options along with a gaming laptop contest in Harvest


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In this recent news post we can check out more Harvest crafting options. These mainly show how great of an SSF league Harvest can be. Considering you will also be able to add additional implicit mods to your Jewels will add another layer of power creep. These mods also look like they are going to appear only in complete endgame fights, since we can see that below the number of Lifeforce it requires a level 81, which we expect to be the level of the seed/killed monster.

Also, in Harvest Alienware will give away two insane gaming laptops, one to the first player who kills the new endgame Harvest boss in HCSSF and another laptop randomly to a player from any Harvest league (non-private) who has managed to kill the boss. The event will end on 9am Monday 29 June (PDT).

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