SSFHC Harvest boss kill and more interesting Harvest league news


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Harvest’s launch went exceptionally well compared to other league launches we have had. The servers were on at the set hour and there were no big known issues.

Harvest’s “peak player concurrency of 231,130 players (97.5% of the record we set with Delirium at the height of the international lockdown)”, you can check more about that in this thread post. It is also worth noting that Path of Exile:Harvest will be launching on console platforms on June 24 (PDT).

As we all know there was an Alienware even, in which two people will get a great gaming laptop. Here we can see Waggle killing the boss on SSFHC Harvest. We are not yet sure if it was the first kill on Solo Self Found Hardcore but it very much could be.

When it comes to the Harvest league mechanic it proves to be very useful, as we hoped. You can 5-Link an item very early on and craft all of your gear for free basically. Also, people have gone crazy on efficiency and here you can check out a pretty much perfect garden layout, posted on the Reddit forums by user esk213.

ZiggyD’s Harvest league guide will also help you better understand how the league works.

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