Console Chat, new unique Belt, MTX and funny streamer RIPs


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Console Chat

Console players will have access to a new Chat feature, basically allowing them to interact with each other in General or Trade as PC players do. This will be introduced with the Harvest league launch for Console platforms at 3pm June 24th (PDT).

New unique Rage Belt

The new Bear Girdle, Leather Belt is a great addition to any Physical-based build that uses Rage. Although this is not the craziest item we have seen it can easily take you in the endgame. It has great synergy with our Ground Slam Berserker build.


For the Celestial fans out there, we are getting three brand new Celestial MTX: Celestial Molten Strike, Celestial Tectonic Slam and Celestial Ice Nova. The new Dark Magic Aura will look very good on any Chaos-themed character.

Streamer RIPs

Here we can see Nugiyen dying to Sirus that literally has 1% HP. Quin69 on the other hand never stops amazing us. This time he dies to the reflect Centaur boss in the Racecourse map.

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